ELECTRICAL SAFETY HAZARDS # 4:Electrical Ground Fault Hazards

Ground faults or ground failure is also one of the workplace electrical safety hazards that can adversely affect the safety of personnel at your work location.

Ground fault exits when a circuit is not properly connected to earth (Grounded) to provide an easy path for the escape of fault currents or unwanted voltages.

These unwanted voltages therefore become stored on the panels, or installation parts and can easily flow through the body upon contact with these parts.

These are hazardous to the workforce and can greatly mar your safety record- through shocks or electrocution.

Causes Of Ground Failure Hazards

The following are the major causes of this workplace hazard:

a. Improper Grounding or Earth connections

b. Absence of ground connections

c. Looses grounding cable connections

d. Broken or defective grounding cables

How To Prevent Ground Failure Electrical Safety Hazard

i. Use Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) in your circuitry.

ii. Ensure Earth cables are firmly tensioned onto equipment parts, panels, etc.

iii. Periodically conduct a Safety Inspections of your electrical installations to ensure the integrity of their bonding and grounding systems.

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