5 Amazing Elements Of A Successful Workplace Safety Plan

1. Workplace Risk Analysis:
A good workplace safety plan starts with a comprehensive workplace risk analysis. This is to enable you Identify, Assess and Analyze the peculiar risks and hazards associated with your work location you you'll be be well informed on how to overcome or properly manage these risks.

2. Risk/Hazard Management or Elimination Method:
After identifying the risk associated with working at your work location, you now need to develop suitable ways of managing, mitigating or out-rightly eliminating the identified risks to reduce the possibility of a safety incident arising from them. Document these findings as they are vital parts of your workplace safety improvement plan.

3. Workforce Safety Education:
Next on your workplace safety plan will be to carefully identify and outline the specific safety educational needs of your team. Do they need more guidance on PPE compliance or any other area?

How do you plan to meet these needs? -Through periodic safety meeting sessions, or other safety education sessions ?

What safety education resources are you going to employ? Are you going to use safety videos, safety posters or any other safety education resource material to enlighten and educate your workforce on the numerous industry standard safety principles as may be applicable in your industry?

4. Monitor Safety Compliance Level:
Without a monitoring system, how will you measure the effectiveness of the plan?

Therefore to ensure stewardship of the effectiveness of your safety improvement plans, You shall have to measure your workforce's adherence to industrial (and your local)standards and expectations. This can be done through Safety Inspections, as well as using a locally constituted Workplace Safety Compliance Team.

5. Institute Safety Award and Recognition Program:
This is to encourage compliance thereby motivating your workforce to abide by the safety rules.

Recognition and awards are very essential as they trigger more interest and cooperation in implementing your desired actions. This could be in the form of gift items, or verbal appreciations and recognitions as the case may be.

With the above areas carefully addressed, you will have with you a blue print for the execution of a comprehensive workplace safety plan at your location.

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